Ouzo Victor

Vodka Victoroff

Original premium vodka made the traditional way. With pure, neutral taste, enjoy it straight or in a cocktail.

Gorngons Gin

Extra dry gin made under the old recipe of our family. It’s a high quality spirit and you can enjoy it straight or with tonic water.

Omega Especial

Omega, lemon and salt. The ultimate choice. Yet, you can enjoy it in a refreshing frozen margarita.

The Wild Peacock

An elegant red label, aged, with full body. You will love it.

Roni Ricardo

Roni Ricado white rum. Made the traditional way. Pure Caribbean taste. Enjoy it straight, with cola or in a cocktail.

Victor Bitter

Red and bitter! Your familiar, special taste with Victor quality. Use it in cocktails or just add orange juice and ice.

Roter Pollar

Roter Pollar. The red vodka. It’s in style and it’s made by Victor under the recipe of Parianos family with wild plums.