Ouzo Victor


Liqueur with banana taste. A summer enjoying taste . Add a dose of rum, ice and you will have a happy surprise.


Liqueur with coconut taste. Add ice or pure it into cocktails.


Made under the authentic Italian recipe with real bitter almonds. Taste the most known liqueur of the world.

Blue Curacao

Blue Curacao liqueur. It’s the most known liqueur. Basic ingredient for almost all the “exotic” cocktails. It’s a must.

Creme de Café

Creme de Café liqueur. The unique liqueur with funs everywhere. The cigar smokers love it.


Strawberry liqueur. An easy drinkable drink because of its taste. It is a must for any bar.


Apricot liqueur. A sweet and refreshing taste with a bit of alcohol. Add orange and ice and enjoy a refreshing cocktail.


Liqueur with cocoa taste. With full taste, leaving a warm taste to the mouth.

Triple Sec

Triple sec liqueur. It’s an ingredient for a numerous cocktails. Try its special taste and enjoy its sweetness.

Cherry Brandy

Cherry brandy liqueur. Necessary in any bar because is an ingredient for so many cocktails. Made under the Parianos family recipe with Victor quality.

Sambuca di Victor

Sambuca di Victor. Made with the traditional distillation and the unique anise taste. Enjoy it straight or with your favorite juice.